Is Your Spouse Having an Office Affair? Here Are the Warning Signs

Published: 28th December 2011
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Do you suspect that your spouse could be having an office affair?

Do you constantly get a 'funny feeling' win your spouse arrives home from their place of employment?

As if they've done something wrong, or there's just something out of place?

Unfortunately, this could be a sign of the worst...It's very likely that your spouse is committing adultery with someone that they work with, or at the very least they're considering it.

Or maybe you're getting the funny feeling because you can just feel that your spouse is starting to fall in love with someone else?

Maybe they're having an emotional affair, not a physical one (yet)?

The truth can be hard to bear sometimes, and even harder to understand...Why would your spouse cheat at work? What's so bad about you that makes them feel the need to commit adultery?

Why would ANYONE do that to a marriage?

Well, in this article I'd like to help you understand the process leading up to an office affair. Hopefully by understanding what your spouse is going through or thinking you will better be able to cope in your marriage will have a better chance of recovery down the road.
Even if you don't know for sure if your spouse is cheating on you with someone from their work, it's a good idea to go ahead and read the rest of this article because it will help you spot the early warning signs leading up to infidelity.

Warning #1 - They Complain Frequently About Obligations at Home

As your spouse seem like they always have something better to do than be at home with you?

Do they often seemed frustrated, irritable or possibly distant when faced with even the most basic of obligations? Stuff everyone has to do, like clean up after themselves or visit family every once in awhile?
Does it maybe seem like your spouse is always suffering from "greener grass" syndrome - A condition I made up where one is stuck always thinking of better things than what they have?

If so, then this means that your spouse is probably in the pervert emotional state to give in to the temptation of infidelity.

Warning #2 - Marriage Problems are Present and Increasing

Have you in your stress been going through a rough patch in your marriage?

Have you been arguing, fighting, or just plain not getting along more than usual lately?

Believe are not, this may not be an actual sign that they're cheating at, but any marital problems always make it easier for a spouse to cheat.
Believe it or not, oftentimes once they actually start cheating there'll be a less problems in the relationship, because the spouse has decided that they just don't care about the marriage. Not always, but a surprising amount of the time.

Warning #3 - Coworkers Share Hobbies, Interests and More

Most of the time people working at the same job also have many of the same interests and hobbies. This makes sense, since these are people that have all been drawn to the same career path.

However, this is bad news for you as a suspicious spouse.

Obviously, there's not really a good way to know how compatible your spouse is with the people that he or she works with, say you can't really use this as a sign of workplace infidelity, but I wanted to communicate this to you because it's definitely something to keep in mind.
If your spouse meets the other two criteria laid out in this article, and you know for a fact that there's someone that they get along with really well and their place of employment, be careful to watch that they don't start enjoying their time at work more than they enjoy their time at home with you.

Is There Any Way to Find Out What They're Doing?

Well, the short answer to this question is: Yes, there is.
However, you're going to need to do a little bit more research first, since I know that you've got more than a couple questions left after reading the article.

Don't worry, it's normal! I would be doing something wrong if you weren't asking yourself some questions. After all, the whole purpose of this article is to get you thinking about what your spouse could be up to when you're not looking!

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