How Common is Workplace Infidelity? Check Out These Astonishing Statistics

Published: 30th December 2011
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In our modern day and age it is extremely common for both husband and wife to be working 40 hours a week. More common than it's ever been in the US.
This is probably mostly due to the economy and the competitiveness of the job market... Everyone is just taking any job that they can get because money is so scarce.

Unfortunately for you, this also makes it much more likely that your spouse is going to cheat while at work.
"No, not my spouse!" you say...Well, unfortunately, yes it could be your spouse, too.
But exactly how common at our workplace affairs? How many men and women subject themselves and their marriages to the emotional trauma of an extramarital office romance?

Well, I actually did some investigation and found a survey in 2003 (Vault Office Romance, Google it or just keep reading) that sheds some light on the statistics. Keep in mind that these numbers are all at least 7 years old, and affairs have only gotten MORE common since 2003.

The numbers may scare you...

47% of Surveyed Employees Admitted to Cheating at Work
Wow. This is the biggest and most shocking revelation of all...That nearly half of ALL men and women (according to this survey's sample) have already cheated with a coworker.
Scary, isn't it?

This does not bode well for you if you're already suspicious that your spouse could be having a workplace affair. The fact that your spouse has given you a reason to suspect cheating at all makes it more likely that they are part of the unfaithful 47%, not the faithful 53%.

Another 19% Admitted They Would Gladly Have an Office Affair

This is an additional group of people on top of the 47% that already said they had committed adultery with someone at their work.

These are people that either already have their eye on a sexy coworker, or just know that they be willing to cheat if given the opportunity (whether it's at work or not).

Or it could even be the people that would willingly cheat on their spouses if it meant a better job or better pay, such as what might happen if you slept with your boss.

That Means Only 34% of Workers SAY They Wouldn't Cheat at Work
Now you have to figure that at least a few of these people were actually lying, and you also have to figure that some of these people WOULD cheat even if they think they would say no at the time of the survey.

After all, even though there are lots of people that willingly admit their openness to an affair, lots of people THINK they would never cheat and then they give into temptation when faced with it down the road.
And let's face it, everyone at some point or another will face the temptation to cheat. It's just part of being married… You have to be able to say no and you have to understand that your spouse is the only one for you.

This is much easier said than done, as is obvious from these survey results, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

There was a day and age in which adultery was MUCH less common than is now, so clearly were doing something wrong. Maybe it just comes down to how we as Americans value marriage, I don't really know. Furthermore, that question is not really within the scope of this article.

However, what IS within the scope of this article is telling you where you can go to find more information on affairs at work.
If you got something out of this article, or if you're afraid that your worst nightmare has come true in your spouse is cheating on you, then I highly encourage you to head on over to my blog at for help.
Either way, thanks for reading!

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